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The non-profit marketing and fundraising industry is witnessing revolutionary changes.

Solo direct mail efforts have been replaced by interconnected multi-channel campaigns. Yearly marketing schedules have taken a back seat to immediate messaging opportunities based on short-term news cycles. Simple P&L worksheets have been made obsolete by predictive analytics and attribution models.

At MMP, we're helping non-profit organizations large and small to navigate this changing environment and supercharge their membership and fundraising machines. Combining dynamic storytelling with the extraordinary tools of the digital age, we've raised more than $4 billion for our non-profit clients.

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MMP's capabilities extend to the full range of traditional and digital direct response media. We provide comprehensive membership and fundraising services to some of the nation's most powerful and effective organizations.


MMP's fundraising and marketing efforts have helped build and strengthen nationwide movements, change the face of American culture, and touch millions of lives.


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